Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (17/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union will be bringing you a specially curated playlist featuring songs recently released by Eurovision or National Final artists, and a few of our old favourites. This week, we’re featuring new and older releases from some of our favourite past Eurovision and national final performers!

Listen to the playlist here:

Let’s start off this week in Hungary, where we’ve got the newest release from 2015 Eurovision participant Boggie. The song is called Nouveau Parfum, and the G/O remix was released earlier this year. We’ve also got a track off the newly released EP from 2012 representatives Compact Disco, titled Veled, which brings the disco back to Compact Disco. Lastly from Hungary, we’ve got Viktor Kiraly with the song Running Out Of Time, which was his national final entry in 2014. Lastly from Hungary, we’ve got 2016 representative Freddie with a song off his 2016 album titled Csodák.

Heading south to the Balkans, we’ve got a track from Who See, who we’ve recently featured as part of our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2013. The song Sobe Zimmer Rooms was released last year and features their funky rap style. We’ve got 2007 Eurovision winner Marija Šerifović with her 2016 release Deo Proslosti.

From other former Eurovision stars we’ve got the newest release from Laura Tesoro titled Higher, an incredible pop song that you all need to hear! From Aminata we’ve got Your Arms, which was released only this week as well. Ryan Dolan has also been busy recording, so we’ve got one of his newest singles titled Scared to be Lonely. Keeping with the theme of recent releases, former Greek participant Eleftheria Eleftheriou has just dropped a new single titled Soma Blema Kai Psychi featuring the traditional Greek music we love and her angelic voice.

From 2015 Portuguese participant Leonor Andrade we’ve featured a song off her 2016 album Setembro. The song is called Escapas-me which is quite different from her Eurovision song, but this is definitely not a bad thing at all! Austrian participant Zoe captured the hearts of the European and Australian audiences, but today we’ve got a follow up single titled La nuit des meraveilles. We’ve also got new tracks from Alyosha and Páll Óskar.

From former national final stars, we’ve got former Sanremo stars Lorenzo Fragola and Moreno with the tracks Luce che Entra and Un Giorno di Festa respectively. We’ve also got The Ludvig, who was part of the Top 4 in this year’s Supernova contest in Latvia. From 2017 French representative Alma, we’ve got one of two new singles titled A demi pardonée, tipped to be off an upcoming album.

Lastly we’ve got two former Eurovision songs which featured in our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2013. We’ve got Rak Bishvilo by Moran Mazor, and Crisalide (Vola) by Valentina Monetta!

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!