Eurovision Throwback: Dorians – Lonely Planet

Today we’re throwing back to the 2013 edition of Eurovision, and the band in question is the Double Denim Dorians – well, just the Dorians – but we’ll get to their fashion choices later on! The song that we’ll be discussing today is called Lonely Planet, and it was somewhat a step away from what Armenia had been sending up until that point – that being more cultural inspired pop anthems. This song was a more rock inspired entry, and from pre-contest comments, this was not predicted to do so well at the contest, but what do we think of the song?

What first struck me about Armenia’s selection was the voice coming out of lead singer Gor Sujyan. It’s quite a unique voice, and he has a lot of power in his voice. I can definitely see how it’s hit and miss with some people, but for me it was a sound I really enjoyed. The song itself I really enjoyed as well. If anything, it’s almost overdone in the sense that he’s vocally pushing it 100% through the entire song, rather than holding back on certain notes to in turn highlight the super big notes. Essentially from the first chorus onwards, it’s all systems go, and I think he could have vocally diversified throughout the song to give a bit more depth. Despite that, his vocals were what really made me enjoy this song in the first place, so in a sense it’s the tiniest of criticisms.

The staging was quite simple, but effective. I love a bit of billowing smoke on stage, and then fire with the pyro later on in the song almost compensated for the fact that the lighting used was super simply. What really caused a bit of a ruckus in the Eurovision world was the interesting choice of double denim in the year 2013. It was a bit of a blast from the past, but somewhat surprisingly, it wasn’t as visually offensive as it potentially could have been. I think the worst offender is the guitarist to the right of Gor Sujyan, who’s wearing the denim jeans and jacket combo. I also enjoyed the close up shots on Gor’s face, highlighting those intense eyebrows!

Overall, I really quite enjoy this song. In comparison to their other songs, it is a bit less rock oriented and more on the pop-rock side of things. Their overall vibe is quite Dreamtheater-esque, and this song missed the guitar and instrumental flair of their other music. It’s not a song I actively remember to go back and listen to, but obviously not lost enough to not choose to write about it in this very post. I do recognise that it is a fairly niche entry, especially concerning Eurovision fans, who aren’t always receptive to rock entries (obviously depending on the person and the song). I think it’s 18th place in the final was probably justified, I don’t think it was top 10 material, nor do I think it’s bottom place material.

With all that said, I’m going to give this an 8/10!

Artist Profile:

Year: 2013

Country:  Armenia

Artist: Dorians

Song: Lonely Planet

Final Ranking:  18th, 41 points in Grand Final