Things are starting to steam up! Loreen releases ‘Body’!

Since her 2012 Eurovision win, Loreen has cemented her place in the dance pop scene with some absolutely incredible releases, including her debut album, including the songs which threw her into the spotlight, such as My Heart is Refusing Me and of course, her Eurovision winner Euphoria. Over the last two years or so, things have been relatively quiet from the Swedish star, who has released the occasional single every once in a while.

As you would probably know, Loreen made her big comeback in Melodifestivalen this year, and shockingly didn’t make the final. Perhaps it was a Statement from Swedish viewers, but regardless, Loreen was put back in the spotlight, and finally, we are getting to hear something which is seemingly a part of her new ‘project’ as such.

The song is called Body, and it was teased over the last few days with some impactful and revealing pictures on social media. The song is a dance track which of course features Loreen’s trademark vocals, which at time are so smooth that they become somewhat incoherent – but yet this is part of the appeal of Loreen as an artist! There are elements of the song which sound incredibly familiar, but yet the song in general feels like a slight veer from the previous songs released by Loreen, including Statements which definitely had more rock undertones. The conclusion we’ve made is that whichever musical direction Loreen goes, she really can’t put a foot wrong.

The song was written by Loreen herself alongside Cassandra Ströberg, Sebastian Furrer, and Fredrik Sonefors. Listen to the song here: