Best of the Bunch: Andorra

Some of you may remember a time when Andorra participated at Eurovision, while many of you may not. Andorra debuted at the contest in 2004, and continued through to 2009. During that time, the nation failed to qualify each and every year of participation, although on one occasion, came close! As with all our Best of the Bunch posts, we’re going to be focused on the time frame beginning with 2006. Usually we’d continue to 2015, but of course as mentioned above, the nation only continued to 2009, so that’s when we’ll end our journey! It’s a short, but sweet Best of the Bunch post this week, but as always, recap the entries and vote for your Best of the Bunch below!

We’re starting today in 2006, where Jenny was the Andorran representative with the song Sense Tu. The performance of the Catalan language song was a little bit racy, with the dancers seemingly sponsored by Victoria’s Secret! Some say the performance is what ruined their chances, and it seemed that voters agreed, with the song coming last in the semi-final with just 8 points.

The following year, the band Anonymous was chosen to represent Andorra with the song Salvem el món. Up to that point, it was Andorra’s best chance of qualification, receiving good feedback from fans before the contest. The song did fail to get to the final, however it was, and still is their best result in their Eurovision history, finishing in 12th place in the semi-final with 80 points.

In 2008, Gisela took to the stage in her interesting outfit for the song Casanova. The song was upbeat and performed well, and performed in both English and Catalan but once again, it wasn’t meant to be for Andorra. The song finished in 16th place with 22 points in total.

It was a quick journey, but we end here, in 2009. Susanne Georgi was the Andorran representative. It wasn’t her first shot at Eurovision, as she had previously participated in the Danish pre-selection with her sister as part of Me & My. In the end, it would be 2009 that she took to the stage on behalf of Andorra with the song La Teva Decisió (Get a Life). Like all the years previous, Andorra would not see the Eurovision final, with a result of 15th with 8 points.

They’ve had a short history at Eurovision, but we still want to know which song you think is the Best of the Bunch!