Nina Sublatti Mystifies in her new track, Home

She first caught the attention of Eurovision fans worldwide when she performed Warrior on stage in Vienna, and now Georgian Eurovision star Nina Sublatti is back with another single titled Home.

The song was released on the 24th of August, and immediately caught the attention of fans who have followed her progress since her Eurovision performance. The song itself is set to be off an upcoming album, although we’re not too sure when that will be released.

The song itself has a simple melody, and simple instrumentation, but combined together to create this interesting mix of drama but with a relaxed, laid back vibe. Her vocals shine through the choruses, and remind us of that unique Nina Sublatti sound that has brought her popularity within Georgia and beyond.

Since her Eurovision performance, she’s released a number of singles, including Dark Desire, Vision of Mind and Spiritual among others, but her newest single differs as it feels less dark, and more down the relaxed alternative route. Even the artwork used for her new single is lighter and brighter, so perhaps this is Nina 2.0? Either way, we’re excited to see where she goes in her music career!

Listen to the song here:

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