A Record Number of Submissions for Norway’s 2018 Selection!

They grabbed the moment this year with a 10th place in the final, and now it seems that the passion for Eurovision in Norway has anything but died down. The nation has had their ups and downs over the years at Eurovision, but with a record number of submissions for their national final Melodi Grand Prix, they are hoping to continue the success that JOWST and Aleksander Walmann built in 2017.

As per usual, Norway will be selecting their Eurovision act through the national final format of Melodi Grand Prix, which will see one show with 10 acts in total, of which one will go on to represent the nation in Lisbon next year. Incredibly, close to 1200 submissions were made to broadcaster NRK, who now have the difficult task of choosing a miniscule 10 acts to perform in the national final next year.

Melodi Grand Prix chief Stig Karlsen commented on the record number of submissions, reiterating that it’s going to be an incredibly tough choice to pick only 10 songs. The field is looking promising, but us Eurovision fans will have to wait a while before we can hear the songs!

Watch their 2017 Eurovision performance here: