So it Begins! Belgium selects Laura Groeseneken for Eurovision 2018!

When it comes to announcing Eurovision acts, there are nations who are like bulls out of the gate and announce their act soon after the start of the new Eurovision season while other nations like to leave the decision to the last minute. Regardless of when the nation’s select, there always has to be a first, and for 2018, that nation is Belgium!

We had little warning before the day of the announcement, but sometimes it’s nice to be surprised! As you may know, there are two Belgian broadcasters responsible for selecting the Eurovision act, and these two broadcasters take turns over the years. This year, it was VRT, the Flemmish broadcaster who would be selecting their act, and they have now announced that it will be Laura Groeseneken who will be representing Belgium in Lisbon next year!

The announcement was made on the talk show Van Gils & Gasten, and on the show, Laura performed a touching rendition of the winning 2017 Eurovision song Amar Pelos Dois in English. You can watch this below:

Learn more about Laura Groeseneken:

Laura was born in 1990, and comes from Leuven. She developed into a talented singer-songwriter, and has worked on numerous projects including the 50th anniversary celebration of the James Bond franchise, 007 In Concert. Since 2014, Laura has performed alongside Ozark Henry, and together they have performed together at various festivals, including Rock Werchter.

The talented performer also plays the melodica and the piano, and alongside Alex Callier wrote the song Gravity for the group Hooverphonic, which became hugely popular when the fashion brand Cacharel used the song in one of their fragrance commercials.

Interestingly, Laura also works during the day as a visual merchandiser for IKEA, which further shows her creative side. She has also been working on her solo career, and has written songs under the name Sennek.

Laura has big shoes to fill, as Belgium has been achieving great results over the last few years. Do you think Laura will continue these great results for Belgium?

Stay tuned for more news on the Belgian song, which will be released at a later date.