Alicja Rega to fly the Polish flag at Junior Eurovision!

Over the weekend, we’ve seen the release of the Maltese and Serbian Junior Eurovision entries, and now Poland has joined the party! The nation returned to the contest last year after a long break, and both last year and this year have opted to use a national final to select their act.

There was a total of 10 acts competing in the national final, and here they are:

  • Alicja Rega Mój dom (My house)

  • ASMki Pod prąd (Upstream)

  • Monika Urbanowicz Ogień miłości (Fire of love)

  • Dominika Ptak Anioły (Angels)

  • Stanisław Kukulski To co żyje w Nas (What lives in us)

  • Tomasz Bao Pochodnie (Torches)

  • Urszula Kowalska Jestem jaka Jestem (I am who I am)

  • Natalia Wawrzyńczyk Nie jesteś sam (You are not alone)

  • Maya & Marcel Tacy Sami (The same)

  • Zespół WAMWAY Jesteś mym marzeniem (You are my dream)

After all the songs were performed, the public were able to vote through SMS. These votes were added to the jury votes to decide on the winner, and that winner was Alicja Rega! Watch her national final performance down below:

About Alicja:

Alicja Rega has been performing since 2010 at the Centre for Vocal Art in Rzeszow. She has participated on the Polish television programme The Little Giants and was chosen as the best vocalist on the show. She has also previously recorded with the Golec Brothers and Lukasz Zagrobelny in aid of charity!

What do you think of the Polish entry?