Junior Best of the Bunch: Ireland

Ireland is currently the most successful Eurovision nation, winning no less than 7 times throughout the nation’s history at the contest. With that success behind them, it was time to try their luck at Junior Eurovision to see whether their pocket sized stars could bring the nation even more Eurovision success. It’s another short and sweet post, as Ireland only made their Junior Eurovision debut in 2015! Although there’s only a couple of entries, we still want to know which is your Junior Best of the Bunch!

We’re starting off in 2015, where Ireland first made their Junior Eurovision debut! The act that was chosen to represent the nation was Aimee Banks, who performed the incredibly moving song Réalta na mara. We don’t often hear the Irish language at Eurovision, so it was touching to hear such a beautiful song performed in a charming language! The song didn’t do as well as expected, but finished in 12th place with 36 points.

The following year, Zena Donnelly was chosen through a national final, one year after she had come second place to Aimee Banks who was the first Irish participant. Persistence pays off, as Zena won her opportunity to represent her nation with the song Bríce ar Bhríce. At Junior Eurovision, Zena opened the show and gave a great performance. After the voting, Ireland ended up in 10th place with 122 points.

Yes, it’s been a short Junior Best of the Bunch, but we still want to know which act impresses you the most! Vote for your favourite down below: