Who won’t we be seeing at Eurovision 2019?

It’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to Eurovision, but each year, there are a number of potential participants that can’t, or don’t participate for various reasons. It’s still early in the Eurovision 2019 season, but already there are nations who have committed to the contest in 2019, while others have already turned down the opportunity. Let’s look at who we won’t be seeing at Eurovision 2019…


We first saw Andorra at Eurovision in 2004, and despite their lack of success, the nation continued to participate until 2009 which was their final participation. Unfortunately, with the case of Andorra, it all comes down to funding. This was the case in 2010, and it’s still the case now, with the general director of the Andorran broadcaster RTVA, Xavier Mujal stating that their lack of appearances are due to participation costs and the logistics of participating, which is just too large for such a small nation and broadcaster.

So, we can rule out a participation in 2019, but unfortunately it is not expected that they will make their return anytime soon.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

We last saw Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2016, but it seems that we might not be seeing them again soon. Bosnian broadcaster BHRT has stated that due to the sanctions placed upon them by the European Broadcasting Union, the nation will not be able to participate or access any of the services of the EBU until the debts are paid.

You may remember that Romania also followed in the same path, as they were forced to withdraw from Eurovision due to debts which had not been paid, however this issue was resolved for them to participate in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


Slovakia have always been on and off when it comes to Eurovision, but in recent years, they have been absent more than not. Their last participation was in 2012 with Max Jason Mai, where they finished in last place. Although it has been rumoured in the past that their lack of participation has been due to poor results, it seems that money is the problem for Slovakia as well.

The Slovakian national broadcaster RTVS has stated that there will be no return in the foreseeable future due to financial constraints.