Hungary launches their Eurovision 2018 Selection!

We’re excited to say that Hungary will be participating in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, and now officially the search has begun for the act that will be following on from the success of Joci Pápai with his touching song Origo.

Like in previous years, Hungary will be using the national final format of A Dal to select their act for Eurovision. Over the years, that format has yielded various degrees of success. Since their return to Eurovision in 2011, the nation has qualified to the final each year, however their highlights have been András Kállay-Saunders in 2014 who finished in 5th place, and then 2017 with Joci Pápai who finished in 8th place. The nation is yet to win the contest, so could 2018 be the year of Hungary?

Television Media Service Director, Balázs Medveczky has commented on Hungary’s need for A Dal and the diversity it brings, saying ‘The previous six editions of A Dal have proven that Hungary definitely needs a programme that differs from regular talent shows. In A Dal we are looking for Hungary’s song. Every artist takes something away from the show which has become a significant agent, a catalyst in the music scene: performers, composers are banking upon A Dal and save their best new songs so that they can submit them to the show. This guarantees that in 2018 we will see another set of catchy and quality songs’

The potential applicants have until midnight of the 15th of November to submit their entries. For now, listen to their 2017 entry!