Junior Best of the Bunch: Portugal

In the lead up to Junior Eurovision 2017, we’ve been going back in time to recap on all the entries of the 2017 participating nations in order to find the Junior Best of the Bunch! Today we’re putting the spotlight on Portugal, who haven’t had an extensive history at Junior Eurovision, but since they’re returning this year, we want to show a little appreciation to those times they did participate in previous years!

Portugal made their debut at Junior Eurovision in 2006 with the Pedro Madeira. The song was called Deixa-Me Sentir. The song started like any good ballad would, and Pedro’s deep voice hinted at a promising 3 minutes, but again like any good Eurovision ballad, it doesn’t stay a ballad for long! The song wasn’t overly successful, finishing in 14th place with 22 points.

The following year, Jorge Leiria was the chosen representative for Portugal at Junior Eurovision with the song Só quero é cantar. It was another smooth ballad from Portugal, but judging from the colourful costumes, you’d almost think it would turn into a big pop tune! It was a ballad until the end, and a nice ballad at that. Unfortunately Portugal met the same fate as the year previous, finishing second to last with 15 points.

It was a short journey, but there’s still a decision to make – which is your Junior Best of the Bunch of Portugal? Vote down below!


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