Ana Kodra to fly the Albanian flag at Junior Eurovision!

When it comes to Eurovision, Albania are consistently one of the first nations to select their act. With Junior Eurovision however, they’ve now become one of the last few entries to be announced for the contest that will be held in Tbilisi on the 26th of November!

Albania used a national final to select their act, with an incredible 16 acts taking to the stage to perform their entries in Albania’s capital, Tirana. Here are the 16 acts:

  • Ajla Buzi – DJ Pom

  • Alina Jani – Yjet (Stardom)

  • Amela Agastra – Dance Up

  • Ana Kodra – Mos Ma Prekni Pemën (Do Not Touch The Tree)

  • Argisa Sako – Ola

  • Auron Ismaili – Shkolla E Vjetër (Old School)

  • Diana Tahiri – Një Sekret (A Secret)

  • Jana Shala – Si Një Melodi (Like A Melody)

  • Klaudia & Eliza Thartori – Garderoba (Wardrobe)

  • Kleanca Susaj – Melodi (Melody)

  • Kristiana Veshaj – Profesioni (Profession)

  • Sara Bajraktari – Flas Me Ëndrrën (I Speak With Dreams)

  • Uendi Goga – Të Japim Ty Një Shpresë (Let’s Give You Hope)

  • Valeria Cara – Kohën Pas Ta Kthej (Time To return)

  • Vivian Biaggioni – Si Në Përrallë (In The Fairytale)

  • Vivian Kokeri – Historia Që Nuk Flet (History Does Not Speak)

The winner of the show was Ana Kodra with the song Mos Ma Prekni Pemën (Do Not Touch The Tree)! Watch the performance down below:


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