Another Eurovision Marathon: Lithuania to Continue with Eurovizijos!

With announcement of San Marino’s unique but mammoth national final selection for Eurovision 2018, it’s time to remind ourselves who does the epic national finals best, and that has to be Lithuania. In previous years the nation has used some form of the Eurovizijos selection process to select their Eurovision act. In previous years the selections have lasted for the majority of the national final season, so when we reach a winner, there’s a collective sigh of relief!

Well, good news because the Lithuanian marathon is back! Lithuanian broadcaster LRT have confirmed that they will be using the Eurovizijos format to select their act. The applications are now open for the competition, and as per usual, the artists must be Lithuanian citizens. The competition is open for solo artists as well as duos or groups.

Although the artists must be of Lithuanian background, the songwriters do not, so it’s likely we’ll see some international songwriters, perhaps a Swedish song or two! The entries can be submitted up until the 1st of December, however it’s still unknown as to how many of these submitted entries will end up in the national final itself. Judging off previous years, we can expect a fairly large bunch of songs competing!

The other unknown at the moment is whether the exact format of last year will be used. The Eurovizijos format has been used for years, however LRT often change parts of the selection process. What we do know is that the winner of the national selection will be chosen through a combination of jury and televote.

Lithuania’s results in recent years have been hit and miss, with their most recent entry Rain of Revolution by Fusedmarc missing out on the final. Watch the performance down below!