New Music: Omar Rudberg Releases ‘La Mesa’

Although we are very much still in love with his previous release, Que Pasa, former FO&O member Omar Rudberg is back with a new track titled La Mesa!

The song features Elias Hurtig, and it very much follows in the same stream as Que Pasa, which has been described as ‘multicultural Latin pop.’ The two releases are similar in the sense that both have catchy choruses, however La Mesa is a bit slower in tempo. Que Pasa has had over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, and we suspect La Mesa will head in the same direction!

The song was written by Antonio Barullo, Elias Hurtig, Mauro Maahez, Yulien Oviedo and Omar himself, with the production by Mauro Maahez. Check it out below: