2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Russia

Russia are one of those nations at Eurovision and Junior Eurovision that just understand the contest. They evolve as the contest evolves, and as a result we often get modern, complex and most importantly, well-staged and performed entries. Their entry at the 2016 contest remains as one of my personal favourites of Junior Eurovision of all time, so the bar was set high for whoever would follow on from the Water of Life Project. The winner of the national final was Polina Bogusevich with the song Wings, but will it fly high in the results table come contest time?

Russia have managed to back up their 2016 entry with yet another incredible song. From the opening moments of the song, the drama of the song grabs your attention and you can immediately tell that it’s going to develop into a powerful ballad, and that it does. The ballad ran the risk of sounding a bit outdated, but with the pop beat behind the melancholic piano, it gives the song a modern feel.

We can’t talk about this song without mentioning the voice Polina has, and if she can pull off all the big notes come Junior Eurovision time, this song is bound to get a good result, if not win. I think the only thing that would prevent this song winning is the fact that it’s a song that would actually gear towards the older teens and even adults, as it’s more of a mature song rather than some of the other more boppy tunes of this year’s contest.

I think this is a strong entry which has a good shot at winning the title, and as an older listener, I can really appreciate the maturity of this song. For me, this is a 9/10.

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