2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Poland

Poland were one of the original nations at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and participated twice with fairly dismal results. After a lengthy break away from the contest, the nation returned in the hopes of finally cracking the Junior Eurovision code. After their 11th place entry of 2016, Poland was ready to take it to the next level, and this year it will be up to Alicja Rega to fly the Polish flag at the contest with the song Mój Dom. Is this the year that Poland cracks the Top 10?

Out of the 2017 field, the Polish entry is probably the most traditional ballad style of song. There’s no special effects, no dance beat, no distractions, just a pure ballad. Although not necessarily my favourite style of song, especially at Junior Eurovision, I think for what it is, Poland have sent an incredibly beautiful ballad. It’s a little bit of a slow burner, and that’s what had originally put me off listening to the song originally, but when you listen to the complete song, you get to hear the progression of the song which has a really impressive last minute mostly thanks to Alicja’s impressively mature vocals. This is the type of song I’d expect from Poland as a Eurovision song, let alone a Junior Eurovision song.

Saying that, perhaps this might be too mature for Junior Eurovision. That, plus it managed to get stuck in 2nd place in the running order, which is probably one of the least desirable spots in the running order. Although this is pleasant as a standalone song, in the context of Junior Eurovision, this isn’t a song that I have actively chosen to listen to since it was selected a few months back. It doesn’t have a distinct enough melody to be able to stand out enough, especially coming from 2nd place and inbetween two strong upbeat songs.

I wish this was the Eurovision entry for Poland, because I prefer this to the 2017 Eurovision entry, but in the Junior Eurovision realm, this isn’t doing enough for me. I don’t know how this will go on the night, but perhaps with a strong fan base, the nation might push through the Top 10, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if Poland meet the same fate as they have in all their previous participations. I personally am giving this a 6/10.

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