Eurovision Young Dancers Underway In Prague + How to Watch

As we have previously reported, Eurovision Young Dancers will take place this year in the Czech Republic, and that time has come, as the contest will take place tomorrow! On the 16th of December we’ll see 8 incredible performers take to the stage in the hopes of winning the 15th edition of the contest.

The contest will be held in the Congress Centre in Prague, Czech Republic and will be hosted by Libor Bouček and Angeé Klára Svobodová. In total there will be eight participants, as we see Portugal return to the contest.

Here is the full list of participants including their entry titles:

  • Czech Republic – Michal Vach – Monologue

  • Germany – Danila Kapustin – Desde Otello

  • Malta – Denise Buttigieg – Q.W

  • Norway – Anna Louise Amundsen

  • Poland – Paulina Bidzińska – La Certa

  • Portugal – Raquel Fidalgo – Esquiva

  • Slovenia – Patricija Crnkovič – Disintegration

  • Sweden – Christoffer Collins – Solo-X

The participants will perform their pre-prepared entries which will be judged by a jury consisting of Daria Kilmentová, Ambra Succi and Itzik Galili. The two highest scorers will progress to the final stage which will involve a 90-second duel where each performer will dance for 45 seconds each. The winner will then be decided by the jury.

Rehearsals and preparations have taken place throughout the week, where the participants have met with the official choreographer Petr Zuzka to work on a group dance for the show. On Wednesday the acts had a social day where they could relax, socialise with the other competing acts and enjoy the Czech capital. The opening ceremony has also taken place, so all is set and ready to go for tomorrow’s show!

You will be able to watch the show through either your local broadcaster, or on the official Eurovision Young Dancers channel on YouTube. The show begins at 20:00 CET. Here are the corresponding times for the officially listed broadcasters. If your broadcaster is not featured, you can check your local guides to see if the show will be broadcasted in your area.

Live Broadcasts:

  • Albania – 20:00 on RTSH HD

  • Czech Republic – 20:00 on CT Art

  • Malta – 21:00 on PBS Malta

  • Poland – 20:00 on TVP Kultura

  • Portugal – 22:05 on RTP 2

  • Sweden – 20:00 on SVT and SVTPlay

Delayed Broadcasts:

  • Germany – 7th January, 8:35 on WDR

  • Norway – 17th December, 19:45 on NRK2