2015 Reviews – Sweden – Mans Zelmerlow – Heroes

I have to admit something to you. I hated this song when I first heard it. Like, I didn’t even want to listen to the end of the song, I was just that disappointed upon first listen. Now, I also have to admit to you, but don’t tell Mans, he’s left a mess and he cannot undo what has been done… Somehow, something’s changed, and I love this song.

I can’t believe how much my opinion has changed on this song, but I really do enjoy it. I think it sounds like it should be part of a Disney movie, but everyone needs a little Disney every now and then. There’s no doubt it has the fan power, and bookies are picking this as one of the potential winners, and I can see Sweden pulling another win. Although, I must say, I would prefer if Sweden didn’t win, just because they hosted it not that long ago, and I prefer sharing the love when it comes to Eurovision hosting!

Mans is definitely a capable singer, and with such a catchy chorus and captivating verse, I can see audiences absolutely loving this song. This is just one of those songs which you can’t help but putting the western sounding accent and singing along to in the car.

I haven’t watched the full rehearsal, just to ensure some sort of objectivity, but I know it will be similar to their NF performance, with some tweaks. I’m going to give this song an 8/10 – Sweden, teach the rest of Europe how to Eurovision plz.

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