Destination Eurovision: Here are the Semi-Final 1 Qualifiers!

It was the national final that fans worldwide were looking forward to, and now we know the first qualifiers for France’s national selection, Destination Eurovision. The pre-recorded semi-final was broadcast on television screens not only in France, but worldwide as well as through a live Facebook stream.

As we previously reported, the judging for the competition would be done through two jury panels, the French jury and the international Jury. The French jury consisted of Amir, Isabelle Boulay and Christophe Willem, while the international jury consisted of Christer Björkman, Nicola Caligliore and Olga Salmakhe.

The acts competing in the first semi-final were:

  • Lisandro Cuxi – Eva

  • Malo – Ciao

  • Noée – L’un près de l’autre

  • Elha – J’ai cru

  • Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO

  • Louka – Mamma Mia

  • Enea – I’ll Be There

  • Pheno Men – Jamais sans toi

  • Masoé – Paradis

And here are the results!

The international jury rated Lisandro as the best act of the night with 34 points, followed by Emmy Liyana with 30 points. In third was a tie between Noée and Malo who both had 20 points. Louka finished in 5th place with 14 points.

To break it down, Christer Björkman, the Swedish jury representative placed Emmy Liyana, while Belarusian jury representative Olga Salmakhe placed Lisandro first. Italian representative Nicola also placed Lisandro in first place.

The French jury preferred Malo overall, with two of the three judges giving Malo their top points. Amir however gave his points to Lisandro, and it was also Amir who saved Louka from elimination, sending him into the final with only two points more than the next act.

So here are the four qualifiers:

  • Lisandro Cuxi – Eva

  • Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO

  • Malo – Ciao

  • Louka – Mamma Mia

Listen to all four qualifiers below, and tell us what you think!


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