Gianna Terzi to represent Greece at Eurovision!

It’s been yet another drama filled Eurovision national selection which has now come to an interesting conclusion, with Greece announcing that it’s Gianna Terzi who will represent the nation with the song Oneiro Mou.

Originally, the broadcaster ERT announced that there would be a national final due to take place on the 16th of February featuring only three acts. These acts would be recording music videos for their entries, which would be shown in the national final instead of the acts performing live. The expectation is that all acts need to sing in Greek, and need to feature traditional elements of Greek culture and music. The broadcaster invited various record labels to take part, and the three acts they decided on were:

  • Areti Ketime – Min Xehnas Ton Ilio

  • Gianna Terzi – Oneiro Mou

  • Chorostalites – Apo Tin Thraki Os Tin Kriti

It became apparent that the broadcaster requested a sum of money be paid by all the participating record labels to ensure their participation in the show, however two of the record labels have failed to pay this sum, leaving only one act: Gianna Terzi.

At that point, it was unsure as to whether Gianna Terzi would be the winner by default, or whether a show would be rescheduled. Now we know that she will be representing Greece with her originally entered song, Oneiro Mou.

Gianna Terzi was born in 1980, and began her professional performing career in 2005. She has released various successful albums, and with her success she relocated to the United States to work as a talent scout.

Watch the official and lyric videos below: