Are you ready to get Crazy? Listen to The Snippet of the Croatian Entry!

Only a few weeks back, Croatia announced that it would be Franka Batelić to represent the nation with the song Crazy, but kept a bit of the mystery by waiting to release the song. The song, which wasn’t originally written for Eurovision but for a single to be released by Franka instead caught the attention of the Croatian broadcaster, and it was then chosen to be Franka’s competing entry.

We’re still waiting for the song to be released completely, which will be in the coming weeks, but we now have a snippet of the song which has Eurovision fans excited for what’s to come. The song and the video definitely come across as dark and mysterious, but the song itself is sounding like a modern but dark pop entry.

Of course it’s hard to judge off just 26 seconds of song, and as we know from previous entries that have been released in teasers beforehand, it’s not always what it seems. Make up your own mind by listening to the snippet down below, and make sure to tell us what you think!

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