The Humans say ‘Goodbye’ To Selecția Națională, Hello to Eurovision!

Romania went big for their Eurovision national selection this year, holding a total of 5 semi-finals, where 12 acts performed in each semi-final. Each semi-final was held in a different city to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Union of Transylvania with Romania.

Each semi-final saw a total of three acts qualify, as decided by the jury consisting of Liliana Ştefan, Viorel Gavrilă, Ilinca Băcilă, Nicu Patoi and Marian Ionescu. This means that the Grand Final would consist of 15 acts, and these acts were:

  • RAFAEL & FRIENDS – We Are One

  • TIRI – Deşert de sentimente

  • Claudia Andas – The one

  • Echoes – Mirror

  • Dora Gaitanovici – Fără tine

  • Eduard Santha – Me Som Romales

  • VYROS – La La La

  • Feli – Bună de iubit

  • Teodora Dinu – Fly

  • MIHAI – Heaven

  • Xandra – Try

  • Jukebox feat Bella Santiago – Auzi Cum Bate

  • Alexia & Matei – Walking On Water

  • Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin – All The Love Away

  • The Humans – Goodbye

Throughout the semi-finals, it’s been completely up to the jury to make the decisions, but this week it was totally up to the televoters to decide who they wanted to represent Romania at Eurovision. The voting was announced in reverse order, so the act with the most televotes would be announced last.

Instead of us going through the top 15 results, we’ll go through the Top 5 acts, starting with Rafael & Friends with their song We Are One, which received 1446 televotes. Coming in at 4th place was Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago with their song Auzi Cum Bate, which received 1728 televotes. In third place was Feli with the song Bună de iubit, which received a total of 2862 votes.

In second place was Alexia & Matei with a total of 3114 votes, and that brings us to the winner, who was The Humans with a total of 3277 votes!

Watch their performance down below, and tell us what you think!