It was a matter of time: Listen to the Belgian entry here!

It was last year that Belgian broadcaster VRT announced that Laura Groeseneken, who will be going under her stage name of Sennek would be representing Belgium at this year’s Eurovision, and after months of waiting, we finally have her participating entry.

Belgium have been a force at Eurovision in recent years, so the pressure is on for Laura to continue that success, and perhaps even bring the contest back to Belgium for the first time in decades. The song she will be competing with is titled A Matter of Time, which was written by Sennek with Alex Callier and produced by Maxime Tribeche.

The song is described as melancholic with a strong story, and as Sennek explains, ‘The song describes the way you can find beauty in transience, how you can see the beauty in something precious that gets broken.’

Listen to the song down below, and if you want to learn more about Sennek, you can read more about her and her selection here.