Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Complete: Here are the Results!

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has come to an exciting conclusion, with the winner of the contest now crowned. A total of 41 nations competed this year over the two semi-finals, and the final, however only one can finish in the top spot.

The Grand Final was another exciting show which featured the 20 qualifying semi-finalists as well as the Big 6 nations including host nation Israel, alongside France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. Other than the competing performances, the show also saw a Eurovision switch-up medley, where iconic Eurovision artists performed the songs of each other rather than their own Eurovision entry. The show also featured Madonna who performed two songs.

After the guest performances, the results were deemed valid, and the voting commenced. The jury votes were revealed first, and after each of the 41 nations revealed their points, Sweden was in the lead with 239 points, followed by North Macedonia in 237, and The Netherlands with 231.

The televoting was then revealed in the order of the jury vote, from the nations who received the least amount of jury votes to the country with the most. Topping the televote was Norway with 291 points, followed by the Netherlands with 261 and Italy with 253. With the points combined, it was revealed that The Netherlands had won the contest with a total of 492 points.

Finishing in second place was Italy with 465 points, and Russia in third with 369 points.

Here is the Grand Final results table:

This is the first time in 44 years that The Netherlands has won the Eurovision Song Contest. Watch the performance below: