Ryan O’Shaughnessy Reveals His Eurovision Entry ‘Together’

Earlier in the 2018 Eurovision season, Irish broadcaster RTÉ revealed that young artist Ryan O’Shaughnessy would be representing the nation with the song Together, however at the time had not yet revealed the entry.

In a very quiet reveal without much warning at all, the song was premiered on the Ray D’Arcy Show on the radio, and a few hours later the official video was released online. The song was written by a team of composers part of a new Irish song writing team called The Nucleus, including Laura Elizabeth Hughes and Mark Caplice as well as Ryan O’Shaughnessy himself.

As you may remember, Ireland held a forum last year to discuss the Irish approach to Eurovision alongside industry experts and members of the Eurovision community, where one of the conclusions was that there was not enough engagement with the music industry. Fast forward and we now have the song which has been born within the Irish music scene which of course the broadcaster is hoping will bring Ireland back to the final after years of absence.

Listen to Ryan’s entry here, and learn more about Ryan O’Shaughnessy here.