Eurovision Union Awards 2019: Winners Reveal (Part 2)

It has been another fantastic year of new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, so in our Eurovision Union Awards, we celebrate the best new music of the year with the help of you, the fans! Over the last few weeks, you have been able to vote in 12 different categories and now is the time to start revealing the winners! In Part 1 we will reveal six of the winners, and in Part 2 we will reveal the final six winners of this year’s awards! Once again, thank you to everyone who voted, and without further ado, here are the winners!

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Best Music Video

This category is fairly self-explanatory, with the award going to the artist that you think had the best Music Video of 2019. It may have been the concept or the videography that you may have loved from the music video, and our nominees covered all bases. The winner of this category is…

Siren Song – Maruv

Not only does the song ooze sex appeal, but the music video really encapsulates the vibe of the song. We love the styling and the choreography of this music video, and it seems the fans do too with over 31 million views on YouTube. Maruv held a strong lead in the voting, with a total of 32% of the vote.

The Top three of this category: Siren Song – Maruv (32%), Arcade – Duncan Laurence (19%), 29 – Loïc Nottet (18%)

Best Male Artist

This was an extremely tough category with some big names from the Eurovision world. We have Eurovision winners Duncan Laurence and Måns Zelmerlöw in the mix, plus Top 10 finishers Mahmood, Michael Schulte, Guy Sebastian, Basim and Mikolas Josef. Rounding out the category was Felix Sandman, who almost made it to Eurovision, but nevertheless had a great year of music releases. It was another close vote, but the winner is…


This is Mahmood’s second win in our Eurovision Union Awards this year, having previously won Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist. He had a very strong year this year, from winning Sanremo to becoming runner-up at Eurovision, and a fan favourite. He also released an album, plus a number of hit singles including his Sanremo/Eurovision entry, Soldi.

The Top three of this category: Mahmood (28%), Duncan Laurence (26%), Mikolas Josef (19%)

Best Female Artist

Another strong category, with all our nominees either releasing killer singles, or dropping full albums. Representing the class of 2019 was Kate Miller-Heidke, who impressed audiences with her Eurovision performance, and she was in good company with former Eurovision winner Lena, and runner-up Eleni Foureira. The list also featured national finalists Molly Hammar and Maruv, among others, but there could only be one winner, and the winner is…


The almost Eurovision artist has taken her second Eurovision Union Award this year, proving that she didn’t have to participate at Eurovision to gain a following. Her national final performance was impressive, as was the music she released this year! Maruv held 47% of the total vote – not bad!

The Top three of this category: Maruv (47%), Eleni Foureira (23%), Lena (13%)

Album of the Year

Many of the artists in the Eurovision realm released albums this year, and we selected some of the best to be nominated for Album of the Year. The list included some former Eurovision winners including Lena, Conchita and Måns Zelmerlöw, as well as some of this year’s participants, Miki, Mahmood and Bilal Hassani. The winner of this category won with an extremely strong vote, and the winner is…

Octopus – Mélovin

The album, which features his Eurovision single Under the Ladder has come out on top in the voting with a total of 78% of the votes! The album features a mix of English and Ukrainian language songs, and is his first full length album.

The Top three of this category: Octopus – Mélovin  (78%), Amuza – Miki (8%), Truth Over Magnitude – Conchita (5%)

Song of the Year

Possibly the most important category of the year, this category is dedicated to the songs that impressed the most during 2019. We have a range of songs nominated, with many of the nominees having featured in previous categories as well. Between the nominees, they have had almost 200 million streams on Spotify which is extremely impressive! The voting was close, but the winner is…

Siren Song – Maruv

Maruv takes out another win, making this her third in our Eurovision Union Awards this year! It was the song that almost made it to Eurovision, and the controversy surrounding the national selection only made the love for Maruv stronger! It would have been great to see her at Eurovision, but nonetheless, you’ve voted, and she has won Song of the Year!

The Top three of this category: Siren Song – Maruv (35%), Soldi – Mahmood (30%), 29 – Loïc Nottet  (20%)

Wildcard Song of the Year

This category features songs that deserve more love. We want to celebrate the gems that may not have caught your attention this year, but certainly deserve a place on your playlists! Each of the nominees this year have had less than 100,000 streams on Spotify, but hopefully we can shine a spotlight on these amazing songs! The winner of this category is…

Sweet Dreams – Nathan Trent

This single from Nathan Trent is his most recent release, and perhaps our favourite of his singles this year! It’s yet another catchy song from the Austrian artist, and definitely worthy of an add to your playlists. It was a close vote, but Nathan held 22% of the total vote.

The Top three of this category: Sweet Dreams – Nathan Trent (22%), Where You Are – Cesár Sampson  (20%), Paradiso – Twin Twin (12%)

Thank you to everyone who voted, and we will see you again next year for our next Eurovision Union Awards!

Here is a playlist with all the nominees: