2018 Eurovision Reviews – FYR Macedonia

We originally thought FYR Macedonia wouldn’t be joining the Eurovision party this year, but by some sort of Eurovision miracle, they were back on the list and we couldn’t be happier to see them strut their stuff on the Eurovision stage once again. Last year the nation really stepped up their game with the song Dance Alone, and although it didn’t quite translate to Eurovision success, it still showed a new and modern side to the traditionally unsuccessful Eurovision nation.

This year, it was announced that Eye Cue would be representing the nation with the song Lost and Found, and we really had no idea what to expect. With the release of the song, we can safely say we didn’t expect this. This song is totally out of the box, in a way that’s completely impressed me, and I’m sure a lot of Eurovision fans.

Upon first listen of the song, it was a bit difficult to follow the rhythm of the song, as it changes numerous times through the three minute entry. Each of the different elements of the song all sounded good separately, but together on first listen it was slightly disorienting because you didn’t know where the song would go next.

Upon second listen, it all started to come together, and was finally making a bit more sense. The contrast between the reggae style beat and the more traditional pop style beat with a slight ethno feel is an unlikely pairing but it just works.

Upon third listen, I was totally in love with this song. Once the element of surprise dissipates, you can really start to appreciate how unique but yet modern this song is, and it seems that it’s not only me who thinks this. Comments on their official YouTube video seem to share the same sentiment, with comments stating that it took a few listens to really get into the groove of this song.

For us Eurovision fans, this isn’t a bad thing. Songs grow on us all the time before the contest, I think that’s only natural when you listen to the songs more than once, but perhaps it’s not such a positive thing in the context of the actual contest, since for most of the viewers, they will be hearing this entry for the first time on the night.

It’s hard to know where this song will get its votes from. I think there is fairly widespread support from the fans, but realistically, it will need support from both juries as well as those first time listeners who will be voting on the night. All of this will also depend on both the vocal performance, as well as how this is staged. The music video is probably one of the best quality this year, and if they can create something really spectacular one stage, this might have a shot at reaching the final.

All Aboard… the reggae-ethno-bop train!

Being in semi-final 1, I think this will need a really spectacular performance to grab enough votes to send it into the final. I would LOVE to see this in the final, as it’s definitely become one of my favourite songs of the year, but looking at the competitors of the same semi-final, it’s just not an easy task. I’m definitely open for some surprises though…

Our rating: 9/10

If you support FYR Macedonia at Eurovision, make sure to vote for Eye Cue in our poll! Watch their official video below, and follow our Eurovision 2018 playlist on Spotify.