Eurovision 2018 Lyrics Quiz: Part 1!

It’s been a while now since we’ve been introduced to all 43 competing entries for this year’s Eurovision, so we’ve all had plenty of time to binge listen to the songs. So, let’s test out your knowledge with our Eurovision 2018 lyrics quiz!

And everything I do, has got me living by the minute:
Who We Are
I Won’t Break
Baby I already knew you would be nothing but trouble:
Funny Girl
Lie to Me
X My Heart
Why don’t we go against the tide? Against all their advice we keep running:
A Matter of Time
I wish you trust your intuition and let the journey start:
Lost and Found
Out Choice
So am I wrong giving my all making you stay tonight?:
We Got Love
Nobody But You
When your back’s against the wall, that’s when you gotta learn to stand up tall:
Outlaw In ‘Em
You Let Me Walk Alone  
Both of us roaming through magnificent sky
My Lucky Day
Vorrei che intorno a noi sia una favola:
Non mi avete fatto niente
O Jardim
La Forza
You know the power of silence:
Dance You Off
Higher Ground
On m’a tendu la main et je suis en vie:
Nova Deca
Tu Canción
There’s a smile on your face that I haven’t seen since we started going out:
Light Me Up
When We’re Old

Stay tuned for our next Eurovision 2018 Lyrics quiz! Tell us in the comments how many you got right!