Eurovision 2018: Running Order Revealed

The time has come. We’ve been waiting for this news to drop for a while, and we’ve all been speculating the running order for a while within the fandom, and now we know for certain who will be performing in what order.

In semi-final 1, Azerbaijan will open the show with the song X My Heart, and the show will be closed by Cyprus with the song Fuego. In semi-final 2, Norway opens the show with That’s How You Write A Song, and the show will be closed by Ukraine with Under the Ladder.

Here is the full running order:

Semi-Final 1

  1. Azerbaijan

  2. Iceland

  3. Albania

  4. Belgium

  5. Czech Republic

  6. Lithuania

  7. Israel

  8. Belarus

  9. Estonia

  10. Bulgaria

  11. F.Y.R. Macedonia

  12. Croatia

  13. Austria

  14. Greece

  15. Finland

  16. Armenia

  17. Switzerland

  18. Ireland

  19. Cyprus

Semi-final 2:

  1. Norway

  2. Romania

  3. Serbia

  4. San Marino

  5. Denmark

  6. Russia

  7. Moldova

  8. The Netherlands

  9. Australia

  10. Georgia

  11. Poland

  12. Malta

  13. Hungary

  14. Latvia

  15. Sweden

  16. Montenegro

  17. Slovenia

  18. Ukraine


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