2018 Eurovision Reviews – Moldova

Coming off their best Eurovision result in Eurovision history, Moldova now have the pressure of bringing their A-game to this year’s Eurovision, after finishing in third place in last year’s contest. This was after a string of non-qualifications, so Moldova’s results can often go either way. This year it’s up to DoReDos to bring Moldova another good result with their entry My Lucky Day, but will it be their lucky night?

Rewind back to their national selection, which judging by the video and sound quality, Moldova rewound back about 20 years too many! Despite the questionable quality, the important part of the first viewing was the actual song, which on first impressions seemed like a song to just write off. Fast forward to now, where we’ve seen a bit of a revamp of the song and an updated music video, and the song has become one of the entries most certainly going to qualify from the second semi-final.

The song hadn’t changed dramatically since the national final to do a complete 180 on this song, but what did change was seeing the song performed outside of the dated national final. Seeing the trio perform makes the song come alive, and that chemistry is literal gold when it comes to Eurovision.

Although great performers, I still find the song to be a bit dated and a bit kitsch, but at its core it’s a catchy, upbeat but still ethno performance of a song that anyone would be happy to get up and dance to, despite the corny lyrics. The music element of this song reminds me a lot of Hora Din Moldova, which was their representative song back in 2009 (which I loved), and it’s this beat that differentiates this pop entry from the other competing pop entries. It’s certainly not a song you’d likely find on mainstream radio outside Moldova, but for one (or two) nights only, this will be a hit.

The group has definitely worked the promo scene, featuring in a number of the contest pre-parties, and this has honestly worked wonders for the group. Some songs are instantly memorable, and are instant favourites, but this isn’t one of those songs, so by constantly performing live to different audiences is keeping the song fresh for the viewers, and I think this will translate to the televote, even to some degree.

In terms of their live performance, singularly the artists can at times be a bit shaky, but the harmonies mixed with the backing singers is magical. With the stage show, I definitely think they can do better than the mirrored panels, but have a suspicion that they’ll carry this through to the Eurovision performance.

All aboard… the Doritos train!

Arguably just as cheesy, this whole song and artist package is something that we’d all probably expect from Moldova, but in a strong semi-final this would probably remain as a non-qualifier. Luckily for Moldova this year, they’ve landed in a very open semi-final with few clear qualifiers, so I think that this will make its way through as the guilty pleasure fan favourite. I definitely don’t want to discount it…

Our rating: 7/10

If you support Moldova at Eurovision, make sure to vote for DoReDos in our poll! Watch their official video below, and follow our Eurovision 2018 playlist on Spotify.