2018 Eurovision Reviews – Spain

Spain have a bit of an advantage when it comes to Eurovision, being one of the 5 nations who automatically qualify to the final. Despite that, they just don’t seem to be very fortunate, as they’re consistently stuck at the bottom of the table, with it being a rare occasion that they approach the Top 10. This year, they went back to choosing their act through Operación Triunfo, and in a special Eurovision gala, the nation chose the duet of Alfred and Amaia with the song Tu canción. Will this entry bring Spain back to the Top 10?

This entry is something quite different from what we’ve heard at Eurovision before from Spain. We’ve had the successful power ballads, we’ve had the upbeat pop entries, but this is a bit more sensitive than all of the recent entries. Although being different for Spain, it’s in line with the winning Eurovision song from last year, and just as beautiful.

This is a song that gives me chills as soon as Alfred’s voice sets in, and continues as Amaia chimes in, and together, they make magic. It’s a simple melody, but sometimes simple is more effective, and this is the song to demonstrate that. It’s about the emotion in the words, which comes out through their vocals, and the advantage of these two is that they are in a relationship, so the emotion does feel completely genuine – and they’re totally adorable, may I add!

Realistically, I think this is Spain’s best chance of getting back into the Top 10 at Eurovision. I don’t think this is a winning song, since we just came off a song quite similar to this and we don’t often get two similar songs winning back to back, but pending a simple but beautiful stage show and obviously, confident vocals, this is definitely Top 10 material. Being an emotional song like this, having the staging match the vibes of their music video would suit this performance perfectly. I think what we can definitely expect is a lot of Alfred and Amaia being uncomfortably close to each other, and I would say that we’ll get a cheeky kiss after the performance – it’s Eurovision after all!

All aboard… the honeymoon train!

Spain have it all going for them this year, they’ve got a great song, great artists, and they seemingly have a lot of fan support, which will hopefully help them reach that elusive top 10 position. I suspect that this might not only have fan support, but the jury might sway towards this, especially knowing that this style of song is in Eurovision fashion after Portugal’s win last year. With a song support from both, I hope that Spain finally receives a placing that they have deserved for a while now.

Our rating: 8/10

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