Daneliya Tuleshova releases English version of her Junior Eurovision entry!

Earlier in the Junior Eurovision season, Daneliya Tuleshova was selected to represent Kazakhstan in their debut year at Junior Eurovision with the song Ózińe Sen. Since the national final, the official video for the song was released, and now we have an English version too!

The English title of the song is Seize the Time, and although the official entry features a portion of the song in English, the song has been adapted completely into English in Seize the Time. Listen to the song below:

There’s been more news from Kazakhstan with the announcement that the broadcaster will be working with Alexei Golubev for the staging of Daneliya’s performance at Junior Eurovision. Alexei has worked on two Russian Eurovision entries in the past, the performances for A Million Voices (2015) and I Won’t Break (2018).

Watch the official video below: