Rehearsal Day 2 – Greece

Yesterday was a huge first day in the Eurovision arena, with the first 10 artists taking to the stage for the first rehearsals. Today we’ve got the next round of artists from the first semi-final, and it features some of the contest favourites! Here’s the action from Day 2!


Greece has been getting a lot of mixed reviews during the lead up to the contest, and being in the first semi-final, their place in the final isn’t guaranteed. After watching the rehearsal, their place in the final definitely isn’t guaranteed. In some aspects the performance was impressive, but realistically this isn’t really reaching the point it needs to.


This is quite simplistic on stage, and not at all what we expected from Greece. Gianna stays on stage alone for the entire performance, and although she does some choreography throughout the song, it definitely isn’t creating any impact on camera. There’s no real eye catching appeal to the performance, and I think that could have been remedied simply with backing dancers.

The lighting is quick moving, but not very diverse in colour, which actually adds to the underwhelming nature of the visual performance. We do have the smoke machines going in the instrumental part of the song, which do add some interest but it certainly isn’t enough to secure its spot in the final.


Gianna is wearing a white costume which is quite simple, but features draped arms and a cut out at the back of the dress. Interestingly, she also had one of her hands painted blue, perhaps to reference the Greek flag as the blue contrasts the white on her dress. Although it’s simple, it’s a classic outfit that offends no one.


This wasn’t among the best of the day, but for the most part Gianna kept it on point. Some of the bigger notes towards the end needed to be really hit well to be able to create diversity within her song, otherwise it runs the risk of being a fairly vanilla three minutes of ethno music.

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