Junior Eurovision Stage Design Revealed!

It’s been a big weekend of Junior Eurovision news, and it’s not over yet! While nations are busy selecting their songs and artists, the process of preparation has well and truly begun.

Belarusian broadcaster BTRC have now revealed the stage design for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Through a documentary aired by the host broadcaster, the first images of the stage plans and green room were shown.

Over the last few years, the stage designs have been more on the conservative side, and this year Belarus is planning on creating an extravagant stage that aligns more with the grandeur of Bulgaria’s hosting of the competition. LED screens will line the 14 metre circular main stage which also features a 7 metre side stage to the left. There will also be a large circular screen above the stage which is reminiscent of the Russian stage of Eurovision 2009.

The green room will be in full view of the audience as it has been for many years and will look quite similar to the green rooms of Eurovision’s past. There will be 20 pods to house the competing acts of this year’s contest.

The stage was designed by Galina Gomonova who has studied at the Academy of Architecture in Belarus and is part of the Belarusian Union of Designers.