Rehearsal Day 4 – Georgia

It’s Day 4 here at the Eurovision arena, and the second half of the second semi-final is getting their chance to perform on the Eurovision stage for the first time. There are some bookies favourites in today’s schedule, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out!


They could be considered as a dark horse this year, well at least to qualify to the final, and it’s hard to rule this out. Ultimately we’ll be seeing ballads qualify through from this semi-final, and this could be one of them.


This is yet another simple approach to staging, with the main focus on the group Iriao. We’ve got the vocalists joined by a keyboardist and a bassist, and between them there’s not too much movement across stage. Despite that, with the choice of camera angles, it gives the performance some movement it needs, but there is definitely room for more. What we find is that the members are a little bit too static, and too far away from each other, and we’ve seen this in performances this year already, for example Bulgaria and Serbia that when the staging is too static, it alienates the viewers.

In terms of lighting, the stage lights transition through various colours, rather than sticking to the same colours through the performance. Although in certain performances this technique is jarring, within this performance the transitions seem natural, and for this song specifically since there is no repeating chorus or element, and as such in the lighting there is little repetition.

Now seeing the final run through, there will be dry ice smoke covering the floor of the stage, which creates such a beautiful effect, and gives more interest into the staging. There will also be pyrotechnics in the form of a waterfall firework at the end of the song.


We’ve got the members of the group in more of a traditional looking suits, with the colours of black and white. There is minimal to comment on this aspect, as there is nothing too extravagant with this. It’s what we expected.


The group came across as quite nervous in the first run through, and vocally took a bit of a hit, but nothing to overreact about. During the second run through they vocally seemed more comfortable, but the visual aspect still seemed unnatural for the group. The harmonies are really beautiful, but the end needs to be better streamlined to ensure the big finish they need.

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