Rehearsal Day 4 – Poland

It’s Day 4 here at the Eurovision arena, and the second half of the second semi-final is getting their chance to perform on the Eurovision stage for the first time. There are some bookies favourites in today’s schedule, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out!


Poland have grown to be a hit nation at Eurovision in recent years,


In terms of visuals, we’ve pretty much got a copy of the national final, with Gromee behind a DJ set and the crew including Lukas and the backing singers around them. The camera circles a lot to give quite a bit of airtime to all the members on stage, which is something refreshing and inclusive.

From the first run through, we saw pyrotechnics including shooting fireworks from the stage. In terms of the overall stage visuals, the stage is the hot combination of the year, blue and purple, which perhaps in a way could work against them. Lukas also uses the runway front portion of the stage, which has been underutilised this year.

At times it’s perhaps too dark and we see their eyes in darkness due to their costuming choice of wearing hats. This contrasts Lukas’ constant attempts to bring the audience closer with certain movements towards the audience and the camera.

We’ve also got some interesting dance moves from Gromee, but we’ll leave that for you to make a judgement on!


Black, black and more black. We see each of the members on stage wearing various outfits in black. The commonality between them is definitely the way that all the outfits are quite casual, with the use of blazers and leather jackets in definitely more of a relaxed fashion. It suits the urban nature of the song.


This isn’t all that, and although it perhaps wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t wowing us. It feels quite flat, and needs a bit more dimension through the vocals in the form of some bigger, more spectacular notes. The backing are so seamless that perhaps sometimes you even forget they are there, other than seeing them in the camera shots.

The third run through is certainly vocally more spectacular than the previous runs.

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