Rehearsal Day 4 – Latvia

It’s Day 4 here at the Eurovision arena, and the second half of the second semi-final is getting their chance to perform on the Eurovision stage for the first time. There are some bookies favourites in today’s schedule, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out!


Latvia are proving to be the underdog once again this year, with Laura Rizzotto performing her song Funny Girl. It’s making a presence but perhaps not a big enough one, and being between Hungary and Sweden might prove to be a difficult task.


In terms of staging, expect something similar to the national final. As predicted, the themed colour is red, with the lighting in red with occasional yellow lights popping through. The biggest potential drawcard for this song is the use of camera angles to create a very sensual performance. At this stage, it’s a work in progress, but as we’ve seen various run throughs of the performance, the choice of angles is slowly becoming more flattering for the various moments of hand choreography.

With no one else on stage with Laura, these camera angles will literally make or break the performance, but the more run throughs we get, the better the camera work is, so expect quite a sexy performance from Laura.

What this performance needs is dry ice smoke, but now having been through all the takes for Latvia, it looks like they won’t be doing this. Having that smoke effect would add to that sensual feeling, so in that sense it’s a shame we didn’t get to see that.


The best part of this performance is definitely the costuming, where we see Laura incredibly pretty in what originally looked like a dress, but is actually a playsuit. It’s red, of course, and it’s a beautiful lace fabric with some shine to it. Laura has her hair out with curls down the bottom, and a red lip, which is what we’ve seen at the national final.


Admittedly, it wasn’t the strongest of the day. I found at times that she lacked energy, not in an upbeat way but more in a power type of way. At times she found the power in her voice, but for example in the bridge of the song she seriously lacks power. I understand that it needs to be a quieter part of the song to build up to the final chorus, but there can be power in the subdued too.

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