Rehearsal Day 4 – Slovenia

It’s Day 4 here at the Eurovision arena, and the second half of the second semi-final is getting their chance to perform on the Eurovision stage for the first time. There are some bookies favourites in today’s schedule, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out!


Slovenia aren’t exactly the most successful nation, but at least this year Slovenia is bringing a bit of fun to the Eurovision stage, and she’s definitely bringing the energy! Interestingly, as a song we hadn’t paid too much attention to, the performance today definitely lifted the entry.


As we would expect, the visuals of the Slovenian song definitely feature a lot of flashing lights. As with a lot of the other songs, blue is the colour of choice, but the lighting is definitely at a faster pace than a lot of the other songs. Again we see the song begin with a lot of darkness, and we only see the four backing dancers. As the vocals begin, Lea pops out from behind.

Lea and her backing artists are also one of the only groups to all make use of the runway feature of the stage. We’ve seen partial acts use the runway, but in this performance the backing dancers and Lea are totally in sync, and totally inseparable which is actually a really nice effect on camera.

The biggest ‘surprise’ of the performance is towards the end of the song, where the group is on the runway, and the music suddenly stops. Lea then asks for the music back, and gets her backing to help her sing it for a moment in acapella, then the music returns. Some say it’s tacky, I love it.


There’s black, and there’s sparkles. The costumes especially of the backing dancers really catch the light, even in the darkness you can see them sparkle, which is a nice effect. As for Lea, she’s wearing predominately black, with a leotard style garment with a chiffon outer layer which runs like a jumpsuit. The backing also have this chiffon on their outfits, and are almost like the contrast to Lea’s, who only has a small portion of sparkles.


Really nothing too concerning in this department. In the first run through the microphones definitely weren’t at the level they needed to be but this was fixed in the next run throughs. I think she’s fairly confident in her vocal performance, and there’s not much more to say than that.

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