Rehearsals Day 5: Here’s the Schedule!

It’s been a mammoth couple of days here in the Eurovision arena and press centre, and we can’t believe it, but we’re already at Day 5! We’ve now seen all of the semi-finalists take to the stage for their first rehearsals, where they could show off their hard work, and fine tune the performances they’ve been working on for months. Since we’ve gone through all the semi-finalists, we’re back to the start again, and today we’ll see acts from Semi-final 1 back on stage for their next rehearsals. This time around they will only get 20 minutes each, meaning that we’ll fit more rehearsals in each day.

Today we’ll see performances starting with Azerbaijan, and continuing through to Finland.

  • Azerbaijan – 10:00-10:20

  • Iceland – 10:25-10:45

  • Albania – 10:50-11:10

  • Belgium – 11:15-11:35

  • Czech Republic 11:40-12:00


  • Lithuania – 13:05-13:25

  • Israel– 13:30-13:50

  • Belarus – 13:55-14:15

  • Estonia – 14:20-14:40

  • Bulgaria – 14:45-15:05


  • FYR Macedonia– 15:30-15:50

  • Croatia -15:55-16:15

  • Austria – 16:20-16:40

  • Greece – 16:45-17:05

  • Finland – 17:10-17:30

Follow our Social Media for live updates on all the action from Day 5!


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