Alekseev bounces back with new single, Sberegu!

Although his journey ended in the semi-finals this year, Belarusian representative Alekseev is bouncing back with a new single, only days after this year’s Eurovision season has ended.

Alekseev as he is known is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter who originally came to fame on the Voice of Ukraine, and has since had a fruitful career in Ukraine and beyond. He had originally applied to the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision this year, however decided to revoke his application and try his luck in Belarus. The rest is history, as he won the Belarusian national final and went on to sing his song Forever on the Eurovision stage.

In a cut throat semi-final, Alekseev finished in 16th position, meaning he wouldn’t continue to the final, but that hasn’t stopped him. Only one week after the contest concluded, Alekseev has released his follow up single titled Sberegu, with the English translation being ‘I Will Save You.’

The song is in Russian language, but as we look through the translated lyrics, we can see that it follows a similar path to Forever in that the lyrics are quite dark at times, but also uplifting. Watch the video below:

Alekseev has also released footage of his ‘Drunken Sun’ concert as a thank you to his growing fan base. If three minutes of Alekseev on the Eurovision stage wasn’t enough to satisfy your needs, the concert runs for just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. About the concert, he says:

‘In your eyes I see the reflection of the musical stories that I sing. And this is the biggest reward for me. That night my dream came true – a large full concert hall, amazing light, sound, scenery, and we were on the same wavelength. Thank you for singing and dancing with me every time. The number of you is increasing – thanks for it! I share with you the innermost – live “Drunken sun”.