France to continue with Destination Eurovision for 2019!

In an interview with a French publication, CEO of the French national broadcaster France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte confirmed that France will be present at Eurovision 2019, as well as revealing more about their selection process for the upcoming season and dwelling on the results of the competition just passed.

When asked about the national selection process which was debuted in the 2018 season, Ernotte confirmed that it was a ‘good formula’ which they intend to continue. Many fans would agree with this sentiment, with the selection proving to be one of the highest quality and most talked about selections from the 2018 national final season.

It’s also assisting in changing the image of Eurovision within France, which hasn’t always been positive perhaps due to a string of unsuccessful results in the past. With the results of both Amir, Alma and now Madame Monsieur, Ernotte is confident that their continual work is lessening the negative image of the contest. As we previously reported, the broadcaster has decided to make a return to Junior Eurovision as well, which they hope will further strengthen the positivity around Eurovision within France as well as boost the friendships and cooperation between France and European nations.

Her reaction to Madame Monsieur placing 13th in the final was that she was disappointed, but still understanding. She states that she would have preferred a better placing, and had expected that their results would be higher, or perhaps that France would have won the contest. This wasn’t a farfetched goal either, as France was a strong favourite amongst fans and the bookmakers alike.

She was asked about why she thought France finished in 13th place, and what it would take to win the contest and she acknowledged that the broadcaster and delegation will need to consider what would not only work in France, but also for a broader European audience. She also acknowledges that having the song completely in French could have alienated the message of the song, but says a mixture of language or better scenography could assist with this in the future.

As for France being ready to host the contest? Delphine Ernotte says she’s ready to organise the event, and that the rumours that the broadcaster doesn’t want to win the contest are completely false!

Watch their 2018 performance here: