How will Finland select for Eurovision 2019?

After three years of non-qualification, Finland looked towards one of their biggest pop stars Saara Aalto to bring Finland back to the Eurovision final. Now that the contest is over, and we know that the final result was underwhelming for Finland, how will they approach Eurovision 2019?

For Eurovision 2018, Finnish broadcaster YLE put aside their usual national final format to focus on the internally selected artist Saara Aalto, who was fresh off her successful appearance on the X Factor UK. There was still a national final, but their format of UMK was modified so that Saara would feature three songs, and the audience would choose their favourite. We know how that result ended, with Saara taking the song Monsters to the Eurovision where she finished in 25th place in the final.

So where do they go from here? Well, YLE were looking for some some feedback on their Eurovision 2018 efforts, and what audience members would like to see from the broadcaster in 2019. Now that they’ve changed things up with their national final UMK, they would like to know whether the ‘one artist’ formula works, or whether they would be better to return to their multiple artist format.

They also wanted to know more about their programming, including the extras that go along with the core broadcast of UMK. This also includes things such as the hosts and commentary.

The main survey is now closed, but the feedback received can be read here.

Some of the interesting comments received include the potential inclusion of more traditional music in the line-up, or at least more diversity in the acts. Some are in agreeance that the one artist formula could be successful in the future provided that the artist/s are established and capable of the responsibility of Eurovision, however some suggest that giving the audience the option to choose the act is still a preferred method.

Another comment worth noting is that some respondents stated that the competition regardless of what format needs to feature music that isn’t specifically written for Eurovision, but instead written with the hopes of just being a good song.

Many people were in agreeance that the results of Finland at Eurovision aren’t the most important part of the process. What is more important is that Finland is showcasing the best music they possibly can, and realistically this should be the same for all the competing nations.

What do you think of the feedback, and what feedback would you give to the Finnish broadcaster?