New Music: Sevak Khanagyan returns with Zerkala!

It was one of the shock exits of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, at least for us, but despite missing out on the final this year, Sevak Khanagyan is not letting this stop him. Only weeks after the contest, the Armenian representative has released his follow up single titled Zerkala.

The song Zerkala, which translates to ‘Mirror’ is sung completely in Russian, with the music written by Sevak himself and the lyrics written by Anna Danielyan. As we know, Sevak has both Russian and Armenian roots, and found his fame on The Voice of Russia back in 2015, so it has been good to see Sevak use both Armenian and Russian languages within his music.

His latest track is quite different to his Eurovision entry, which was a ballad with an understated ethnic flair. The new track is definitely more upbeat, featuring a dance style backing beat. The song still has those slight ethnic elements in the way that the melody and his voice intertwine.

Listen to the track here:

The Armenian Eurovision entry this year, Qami was performed completely in Armenian, which is a first for the relatively new nation to Eurovision. Unfortunately, the song failed to qualify, finishing in 15th (we’re putting this in the ‘robbed’ category).