Top 5 Fifth Place Eurovision Songs!

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking back through the history books to find our favourite tunes to finish in the Top 5. Today we are rounding out the Top 5 of Top 5’s with fifth places. Well that’s a bit of a tongue twister! Quite simply, we have picked our 5 favourite entries from Kyiv to Kyiv, i.e. 2005 to 2017 that have finished in 5th place! It was a tough choice, but somebody had to make it! Without further ado, here’s our Top 5!

5. Frans – If I Were Sorry

When we think of Sweden at Eurovision, we think big voices with bold staging, but for this entry, it was definitely more subdued. We quite simply saw Frans on stage backed by a wall of lights, which for the most part twinkled behind him, and occasionally highlighting certain words of the lyrics. Adding to the effect, we had the entire audience with their phone lights shining, so when we do see shots panning across the audience, the stage became more than just what Frans was standing on, but the staging spanned across the entire arena. Beyond that, it was a simple song with a simple but memorable melody, and with all of this combined, plus having the home crowd support, it was easy to see why this finished in 5th place!

4. Maria Haukaas Storeng – Hold On Be Strong

I remember this entry fondly, as it was the first contest I had watched from start to finish, and I remember just falling in love with everything about this song. Where to start? There’s Maria’s incredibly controlled and confident vocals, and there’s the totally relatable meaning of the song.  Then there’s the simple but effective stage performance which completely suits the style of song, rather than masking the song. The choreography definitely isn’t anything too complex, but the way it is used highlights certain lyrics and the message of the song overall, and that in itself is clever staging. This is that song that you can listen to when you need a pick-me-up, and it will be sure to boost your mood!

3. András Kállay-Saunders – Running

On the other end of the spectrum is Running, which was the Hungarian entry back in 2014. Although it is another important message, it’s definitely a lot darker than what we have seen in this article so far, and a lot darker than many of the songs competing in 2014. Not only does it come across well in the lyrics, but with the style of song it is clear that this song isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Everything about this performance feels dark and isolating, from the style of music, which at times is chaotic, matched by the stage performance. Clever use of camera angles and lighting really highlight the highs and lows of this song, so the audience get the full range of emotions. This is a strong entry from Hungary, and that was definitely reflected in the results.

2. Rona Nishliu – Suus

This performance is truly iconic, and will remain as one of Albania’s best for years to come. Ironically, it wouldn’t make the list of my favourite Eurovision songs, but there is absolutely no denying that the vocals displayed in this performance are some of the strongest we have seen at Eurovision. It’s a simple song filled with emotion which comes through the contrasts between the understated verses, and then the HUGE chorus notes. This song needed no special lighting to make it into the Top 5, but used the power of voice to propel Albania into the Top 5. Perhaps there could have been some better styling choices, especially considering that Rona did in fact win the Barbara Dex Award for worst dressed, but what she lacked in costume, she made up for in performance.

  1. Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again

Ok fine, there is a bit of Australian bias here, but in my defence, this really is a great song. I can’t think of a better way to have been represented – it was a magical combination of one of Australia’s most successful, and most talented artists with a upbeat and energetic song that was total fun for the audience at home, and no doubt for the arena audience. Sometimes we are disappointed when we invest so much into the studio versions of Eurovision entries and the live performance doesn’t deliver, but no such thing with Guy Sebastian as he demonstrated such control in his voice whilst also delivering the song above and beyond what we heard on the studio version. This will always be a great moment of Australia’s (short but sweet) Eurovision history!

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