Malta Revises Eurovision Selection for 2019

On the back of two non-qualifications, and more broadly a mixed history of hits and misses, it has now been announced that the much loved Malta Eurovision Song Contest will not be used to select the Maltese act for Eurovision 2019.

Maltese broadcaster TVM has announced that the worldwide television programme The X Factor will be arriving on Maltese shores, and the winner of the competition will be going on to represent Malta at Eurovision in 2019.

Malta is known for not straying from their national final format, continuing to allow the public to be involved in the process in one way or another, and although it is still a public vote competition, it is bound to be a much different process than MESC. The Maltese broadcaster is hoping that by using The X Factor, it will take the local music industry to the next level, plus perhaps it will be the shake up that Malta needs to regain their success at Eurovision.

It has been said that the show will kick off in October, but no finish date has been announced. Although the winner will go onto represent Malta at Eurovision, it’s unclear how the song will be decided upon. Also it is unclear as to whether we will see a number of familiar names enter the competition, or whether we will be seeing a new wave of Maltese artists. Only time will tell!

Do you think the Maltese broadcaster has made the right choice?