The Country Quiz: Belarus!

How well do you know the history of Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

In which year did Belarus make their Eurovision debut?
How many non-qualifications did Belarus have before they qualified to the Eurovision final for the first time?
3 non-qualifications
2 non-qualifications
4 non-qualifications
Out of these three acts, which placed highest in a Eurovision final?
3+2 feat. Robert Wells
Which Belarusian Eurovision act was set to make their Eurovision debut in 2012, however was disqualified after they won the national final?
Alyona Lanskaya
Anastasia Vinnikova
Which song does the following lyric belong to: ‘You feel like you ate the poison, it’s time to heal you from the pain’
Help You Fly
Work Your Magic
What is the best result Belarus has had to date? (As of 2018)
In 2011, Belarus internally selected Anastasia Vinnikova. The song she performed at Eurovision was titled I Love Belarus, but what was the title of the song that was originally intended to represent Belarus?
Born in Byelorussia
I love Byelorussia
Byelorussia: USSR
As of 2018, which three nations have given the most points to Belarus in semi-finals only?
Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia
Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova
Belarus finished in 12th place in the semi-final for two years in a row. Which two years did this take place?
2015 and 2016
2011 and 2012
2008 and 2009
From which place in the Eurovision Grand Final of 2014 did Teo perform from?

How well did you know the history of Belarus at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Belarus at Eurovision!

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