Radio Télévision Suisse kicks off the Eurovision search for Switzerland!

It feels like it was only yesterday when Eurovision 2018 concluded, however the focus has already shifted towards next year’s contest. Switzerland have confirmed their participation, and the search has already begun for their next Eurovision entry.

As we know, the Swiss selection is made up of acts which are submitted through three national broadcasters. To explain, the three broadcasters include RTS, the French language broadcaster, SRF, the German language broadcaster and RSI, the Italian language broadcaster. These three broadcasters often hold their own searches to find the acts they want to put forward to the overall selection.

So, with that said, it has been announced that the French language broadcaster in Switzerland has begun the search by using its radio station Option Musique as the platform to select their representatives for the wider Swiss national selection.

As per the Eurovision rules, those wishing to submit cannot enter a song that was released before September 1, 2018. Additionally, as you would expect, no more than six people can participate on stage and the song can’t be more than three minutes long.

RTS has stated that they intend to work with interested singers and songwriters over the European Summer, but it is yet to be confirmed how their selection will be incorporated into the wider selection for Switzerland.

Stay tuned for more news from Switzerland!