Shower Thoughts: Kristian Kostov Releases EP!

After a second place finish at Eurovision in 2017, Kristian Kostov kept busy, having released a string of new singles including a collaboration with fellow 2017 participant, JOWST. On August 10, Kristian released his EP titled Shower Thoughts!

The EP features four songs, Get It, Shower Thoughts, Lullaby and Rift, all of which were written by Daniel Kostov, Kristian Kostov, Maria Erke and Sasha Xuman. The first song on the EP, Get It was recently released as a single, and it acts as a great opening number to the EP. The final song, Rift is the perfect song to end the four track disc, as it is mellow, but builds to a well-written ending.

The EP features Kristian’s now signature sound, which could be described as melancholic pop. His incredibly mature voice is able to shine with the well-produced compositions which were produced by his brother, Daniel alongside Sasha Xuman and Kristian himself.

Listen to the EP here: