Denmark prepares for Eurovision 2019!

Next year may still seem far away, but officially the Eurovision 2019 season has begun, and so has the search in many of the participating countries. Denmark is already looking forward to next year’s contest with the submission period still open.

Last year the broadcaster DR decided that the submission period would continue to stay open from the 2018 season carrying onto the 2019 season, so all year round songs were able to be submitted however only songs received by the 26th of September will be considered for the 2019 season.

Although songs can be submitted year round, naturally the songs must not have been previously released or publicly performed before September 1 as this would break the Eurovision rules. It is expected that at least one member of the team behind the song must have a strong connection to Denmark, which could mean citizenship, residency or perhaps be married to a Danish citizen.

Jan Lagermand Lundme, the Entertainment Manager of DR commented on their ambitions for 2019, saying ‘We are looking for high quality songs, as you remember. When it comes to Eurovision, there are about 40 songs in total, so if we have a chance to do well, we have to come up with something of high quality and something that stands out so that viewers can remember us’

Continuing in his role, Mads Enggaard will once again be the Contribution Producer who will help with the selection of the ten songs that will compete in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix next year as well as helping with the stage performance of the eventual winner.

After a few hits and misses over the last few years, Denmark was back in the Top 10 in 2018 with Rasmussen and his Viking inspired song Higher Ground which finished in 9th place.